Last year 2020, was a year that mankind would never forget, with difficult situations due to pandemic and a lot of negativity around the world but we were still fighting the struggles to the best. I am glad that I have resumed the habit of reading books during lockdown which was in a quiescent state for years together.

Books are addictive, with books we can live the experience of people who have achieved great, books are treasure mines is what I have heard people say. …

Why Acceptance test driven development?

In the business analyst world, requirement elicitation and narrowing down to the problem statement from clients is an interesting and a challenging task. The transition of transforming the elicited requirements to the development phase directly influences the success of a project. Having pages of documentation is of no help at times as it becomes tedious to convert the paragraphs to code. To make the transition more interesting, what if an iteration or a sprint is complete when all the “Acceptance tests” for a particular feature pass. …

A girl child is always special in everyone’s family. People give a lot of importance for the growth and safety of a girl child and that’s how it should be because of the other external factors in society. But still I wish the world would be a better place than today if it had looked like this where I am definitely thinking beyond nature, logic and science.

  1. “I wish” the menstrual cycle is common for all human beings irrespective of gender. The real fact is that the menstrual cycle for women has never made them unequal to men. …

What is Event storming?

Event storming is a collaborative approach of having all the stakeholders together and modelling the business “Domain” events. It can be the first step to “Domain driven Design” which can be applied for any domain say aviation, finance, retail, insurance and many more invented by Alberto Brandolini. Event storming is a tool to “Challenge the value” we deliver for end customers and here we don’t play with data or requirements but with “Domain events”.

When is it desired to use event storming?

  • The first and foremost step we take when developing software for client partners is to “Identify the problem statement”. Many at times the project could be half the way through actual release, and there could be a lot of scope change requests making the process cumbersome. To avoid such situations, the event storming workshop could help us identify the right problem statement. …

Transformations happen for human beings throughout the journey of life. Everyone is going through their own piece of hardships becoming stronger day by day. Does the role of a critic play an enormous impact on growth and transformations? If yes, is it positive or negative? Glance through the article to know my views on how a critic role can influence lives.

Who is a critic?

The definition goes “a person who expresses an unfavourable opinion of something”. Acceptable but what is the aftermath of someone who is expressing an unfavourable opinion when a person is pursuing their goals. …

As software teams getting to understand the client’s needs, empathise with their pain points and to come up with a solution that paves way for betterment of the client’s business could be an interesting as well as a challenging task.

The core of requirement elicitation remains the same but in ThoughtWorks there is a unique approach and pattern followed to converge on adding business value to the client partner. Inception is one such program in ThoughtWorks, where we understand more about client partners and try addressing their problem statements with top notch tech solutions, indeed without doubt. …

I am perplexed on how luck is associated with human lives. There goes two broad categories where most of us directly or indirectly relate actions to- The Luckiest and Unluckiest. The former category does not have a greater impact unless it turns into over confidence. But the latter part is a worry to most of us and at times pulls us down.

Can an individual always exhibit serendipity? Or can an individual always be mapped to misfortune?

Luck and bad luck are sensed by every human being at least once in their lifetime. But the point where we feel unlucky about ourselves is never the end of something. That point is a new beginning to look back, reflect on mistakes if any and keep moving forward with exuberance. …

Technology is continuously amending to the changing phenomena. XR is going to transform the world beyond the screens of electronic devices. It is moving from “nice to have” to “must-have”.

Technology is continuously amending to the changing phenomena. Busy roads, hectic traffic, crowded malls, travel, restaurants are now on a different stake due to the alarming pandemic. Everything approachable and simple has now become the new normal challenging the human ecosystem (though we are trying our best to adapt). We are refrained behind our homes ensuring safety and the remote world have become the new buzz word. In this scenario, where is the technology headed to, what is the new trend that tech is going to bring in our lives?

The gist of this article is about my fascination with “Extended Reality (XR)”. You can skim through the article to know how XR is going to transform the world beyond the screens of electronic devices. …

I am indeed intrigued by how Agile Extreme programming practices are meticulously carved and that its benefits are truly enormous. Over the years adapting to change has become dime a dozen in the technology space and the world is revolving over innovative and crazy ideas. Having tech and ideas on one side, a “process” to accomplish them is paramount.

XP is more of a process. XP is about values and practices with principles bridging them. Intent of this article is my reflection on XP’s principles that left me highly zealous!

Transparency: Many at times a havoc syndrome prevails within the team as people fail to track for accountability. As humans we have biases that can invariably leave other team members lost in the woods. We should always be cautious on having the team on the same page. To tie up loose ends that hinder the growth of team XP allows the entire team visualise the happenings of a project with a physical board “radiating information” (precisely every single step and status of the project). A bureaucratic ambience leaves the team opaque and introduces chaos. Flatter the organisation, more agile the organisation and therefore happenings are transparent. …


Sreenidhi Chandar

Business Analyst

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